Bedroom Loft Conversion & Property Extension

bedroom loft extensionIn a property extension, bedroom loft room conversion or loft office, you have to create as much storage into the available space as possible. If you have unusual layout or slanted ceilings under the eaves, it's worth investing in bespoke units with sliding doors, because these doors take up less space when open. Mirrored surfaces where possible to enlargen the space and bounce light around the room. Not on the ceilings though please.

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You need to design your lighting when you start planning your loft. Loft bedrooms should utilise all the available natural daylight. Work in low-level wall lights and consider putting switches beside the bed so that all the lights can be controlled from there as well as by the door.

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We can also offer a partial (skeleton) loft conversion with a dormer, stairs and floor installation for the competent diy enthusiast to complete him/herself. This way it will reduce your costs, you feel involved with the project and that you are part of the process that gives you job satisfaction.


"We found the crew very approachable and can only say how totally  satisfied we are with their work. Every trades work is to the highest standard and the finish is excellent" Steve and Anna, Gloucestershire