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Bathroom Loft Conversion

The key to any loft extension is to know what the specific use will be, work out where the bed will go or how to get a standing shower or full size bath into the space in your loft extension.

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Modern loft extensions you need to be making the most of the window space and light, whilst thinking carefully about the design, is really important. Utilising the natural light gives a inviting feel, while the blinds allow in as much light as possible in the day or when everything is closed down for the night it creates the perfect relaxing environment.

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We can also offer a partial (skeleton) loft conversion with a dormer, stairs and floor installation for the competent diy enthusiast to complete him/herself. This way it will reduce your costs, you feel involved with the project and that you are part of the process that gives you job satisfaction.


"We would be more than happy to provide a reference for the team from Highlight Construction. We found them reliable and trustworthy, nothing was too much trouble. They come highly recommended" Terry and Colleen, Bristol